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Live Audio Described Performance of Izidora Leber LETHE: Peristyle

Thursday, Sep 19, 2019 | 6–8pm

ADMISSION: Free in conjunction with Culture for Community. To book a spot in the Haptic Access Tour and/or to reserve a headset for the live audio description please email or call 415.655.7856

As part of Night at The Jewseum and Culture for Community, The CJM is excited to partner with Gravity Access Services  to offer live audio description and a Haptic Access Tour of the Museum-wide performance by Izidora Leber LETHE for blind and low vision audience members.


6pm Haptic Access Tour led by Jess Curtis

The Haptic access tour (20-30 minutes) is a pre-show tour that allows blind and low-vision audience members to haptically  experience (through touch, and their own kinesthetic senses)the space, performers, costumes, and architecture, in addition to key movement elements in the performance. This pre-show Haptic Access Tour will lay a multisensory foundation to support the live audio description of the performance. 

7–8pm Audio Description of Live Performance

Facilitated by award-winning choreographer and performer Jess Curtis, this live audio description will provide rich, creative and generative descriptions of the visual details of the performance using live narration through a wireless headset.


Image description: Izidora Leber LETHE, Chor(eograph)us, 2019. Production still. Courtesy of the artist. Photo by Natasha Matteson. Seven performers stand barefoot on top of a dark charcoal grey cement bench on the outdoor plaza outside of the museum. Behind the performers is the bottom half of a large cube-like structure with a unique cross-hatching surface, which diffuses and softens the reflection of light off the blue stainless steel panels. The performers are wearing a crushed velvet jumper that begins darker around the ankles and knees, and fades into a lighter shade of grey color as it rises towards to upper half of their bodies. There are transparent mesh sections that run across the shoulders, and down the thighs and legs, revealing flesh color tones. Each of the performers is wearing a transparent mesh veil covering their faces and heads, and is standing in a statuesque pose with strong and powerful gazes in different directions. Performers include Bojana Rankovic, Trina Michelle Robinson, Guta Galli, Anita Sulimanovic, Claudia  Huenchuleo Paquien, Haru Urushido, Tara Shannon. Costumes by Anna Vyshnyakova, and masks by Zoe Leonard.

Gravity Access Services

Gravity Access Services offer a range of services to make live performance more accessible to audience members with diverse sensory modalities and physicalities. These include live and recorded Audio Description services, pre-show Haptic Access Tours, ASL referral services, Site Visits, Media Assessments and General Accessibility consulting to assess and advise artists, producers, venues and events on best practices for making their presentations as accessible as possible. Learn More

Museum Meanderings

Museum Meanderings is a monthly museum meet up organized by Lighthouse for the Bind that offers cultural experiences designed for audiences who are blind or visually impaired. Museum Meanderings encourages the community to come together to learn about the accessibility features that museums, zoos, aquariums, botanical gardens, and other cultural institutions in our area offer (or don’t offer), and they partner up with savvy Lighthouse volunteers for select exhibition interpretation. For more information contact Lighthouse Adult Program Coordinator Serena Olsen at


The CJM strives for a welcoming environment for all of our visitors. In addition to ample space for wheelchairs and a friendly environment for service animals, sign language interpretation (ASL) can be scheduled for all programs with at least two weeks notice.

FM assistive listening devices (ALDs) are available for all talks and tours. Please note that we would like to maintain this as a scent-free environment, and encourage visitors to refrain from using scented products out of respect for visitors with allergies or chemical sensitivities. For additional accommodation requests, please contact or 415-655-7856.

About the Exhibition

Izidora Leber LETHE: Peristyle is the first solo museum exhibition of Croatian-Swiss, Oakland-based artist Izidora Leber LETHE. Drawing from the visual languages of Brutalist architecture and minimalist performance scores, this site-specific installation and performance mines the layered memories of the double émigré artist. The artist’s lived experience of diaspora—a history shared by Jewish and many other populations over millennia—informs her conceptual inquiry. Excavating ideologies found in Ancient Roman architecture and the systems of meaning that define The CJM’s Daniel Libeskind-designed building, LETHE’s work imagines a reconfiguration of relationships in the face of irresolvable diasporas.  

performers standing in the gallery with tall, grey sculptures

Izidora Leber LETHE, Chor(eograph)us, 2019. Video performance, still. Courtesy of the artist.

Image description: Seven performers stand barefoot on their tip-toes with their heals raised off the ground, and their arms raised above their heads with palms facing upwards. The performers are wearing a crushed velvet jumper that begins darker around the ankles and knees, and fades into a lighter shade of grey color as it rises towards to upper half of their bodies. Each of the performers is wearing a transparent tulle mesh veil covering their faces and heads. They are standing in a V-shape, and are surrounded by three cement pillars reaching approx12 feet high with a base that measures roughly 8 feet. The gallery has white angular walls and four diamond shaped windows that are letting in daylight.


Access Programs are made possible by major support from Wells Fargo Foundation. Additional generous support is provided by The Morse Family Foundation.

Image Credit

Izidora Leber LETHE, Chor(eograph)us, 2019. Video performance, still. Courtesy of the artist