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Photo by Olivia Smartt

The Contemporary Jewish Museum (The CJM) the Ezra Jack Keats Foundation, the San Francisco Public Library (SFPL) and the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) are pleased to announce the winners of the fifth annual Ezra Jack Keats Bookmaking Competition on the West Coast! To promote the art and craft of original bookmaking in the classroom, students from San Francisco Public Schools in grades K through 12 were invited to design, write, and create their own books. 

Nearly eighty books from twenty-three schools were submitted and reviewed by our panel of judges. Judges ranged from writers to librarians to educators and included: Demetri Broxton, Director of Education, MOAD; Cristina Mitra, Family Engagement Coordinator, SFPL; Brian McMullen, Author and Artist; Liz Ozol, Program Officer, SF Arts Commission; Rachelle Resnick, Retired Supervisor, SFUSD Library Services; and Sophie Schwabacher, Curatorial Associate, The CJM.

This bookmaking competition is inspired by the work of Caldecott winner Ezra Jack Keats, the creator of over twenty children’s books, including the classic The Snowy Day. He was motivated to pursue a career as an author/illustrator as the result of an art achievement medal he received while attending public school in Brooklyn, New York.

Heartfelt thanks to all participating schools:

Alice Fong Yu, Aptos, Bessie Carmichael, Burton, Chinese Education Center, Fairmount, Francisco, Glen Park, Gordon Lau, Grattan, Jefferson, Longfellow, Malcolm X, McKinley, Redding, Rooftop, Roosevelt, SF Community, SF Montessori, Sloat, Starr King, Sunset, Yick Wo

awards ceremony

All participants and their families are invited to the awards ceremony at The CJM on Sunday, Apr 9, 2017 from 3–5pm. Participants and their families are also invited to spend the day at The CJM during our annual Celebration of Authors Big and Small, beginning at 11am. All books judged in the competition will be on display during this event. 

Collaborative Early Elementary Category

First Place

Beautiful San Francisco, Second and Third Grades, Chinese Education Center

Second Place

Class of Kindness, Second Grade, Redding

Third Place

Helping Heroes, Kindergarten, Glen Park

Special Recognition for Imagination

The Amazing Bridge Book, First Grade, Sloat

Special Recognition for San Francisco Family Values

What is a Family?, First Grade, Rooftop

Special Recognition for Printmaking

Important African Americans, First Grade, Rooftop

Elementary Category

First Place

Mewy's Day in the City, Cole Campbell, Third Grade, Grattan

Second Place

Forever, Anthony Lewis-Lyman, Third Grade, Grattan

Third Place (tie)

The Quest for a Home, Mary Bowen & Avery Lindstrom, Third Grade, Jefferson

What is a Scientist, First Grade, Olle Christianson, SF Community

Special Recognition for Creative Construction (tie)

Toastmaster, Thalia White, Fourth Grade, Grattan

The Mystery of the Bagel Crown, Edward Ma, Third Grade, Sloat

Special Recognition for Creative Comic Book Heroes

The Arctic Heroes, Noe Lopez & Tommy Li, Fifth Grade, Longfellow

Middle School CATEGORY

First Place

The Ticking Heart, Sara Cordovez & Alice Belshaw-Hood, Eighth Grade, Aptos

Second Place

Wheat: How Bread is Made, Anni Wiederhold, Eighth Grade, Roosevelt

Third Place

My Mask, Edith Sanabria, Eighth Grade, Francisco

Special Recognition for Exuberance

Pink / In the Shadows, Justine Orgel & Keil Fehlberg, Eighth Grade, Aptos

Special Recognition for Graphic Novelists

Tragedy, Minghao Zhang & Congnan Lu, Eighth Grade, Aptos

High School CATEGORY

First Place

New Day, Kelly Huang, Eleventh Grade, Burton

Second Place

Wonderland, Kasey Chen, Eleventh Grade, Burton


Presented in Partnership with The Ezra Jack Keats Foundation, the San Francisco Unified School District, and the San Francisco Public Library, with additional support from Blick Art Materials.

School and Teacher Programs at The Contemporary Jewish Museum are made possible by Pacific Gas and Electric Company and Target. Leadership support comes from The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation and The Hearst Foundations, with additional generous support from the Ezra Jack Keats Foundation and Ullendorff Memorial Foundation.

Image Credit

Photos by Olivia Smartt and Janine Okmin.