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current exhibitions

Predicting the Past: Zohar Studios, The Lost Years

Oct 17, 2020–Jun 27, 2021

Los Angeles-based artist Stephen Berkman’s immersive photography installation is a tribute to Shimmel Zohar, a mythical nineteenth-century Jewish immigrant photographer, founder of Zohar Studios. The exhibition includes over thirty photographs, several large installations, a cabinet of curiosities, and a large format artist book about the Zohar project.

upcoming exhibitions

GOLEM: A Call to Action

Mar 28, 2021–Dec 5, 2021

GOLEM: A Call to Action is a digital exhibition in three parts by Los Angeles–based artist Julie Weitz, comprising three video artworks—Golem v. Golem, My Golem as a Wildland Firefighter, and A Prayer for Burnt Forests—that draw on Jewish allegory, folklore, and spiritual practice to confront societal and ecological disasters. The legend of the golem originates as far back as the Middle Ages, when Jewish mystics imagined the creation of a clay humanoid as a meditative technique for becoming closer to God. By the nineteenth century, popular Yiddish folktales characterized the golem as a helper, companion, or rescuer of an imperiled Jewish community. In this exhibition, Weitz revitalizes golem mythology to frame a moral imperative for action on the social and ecological issues we face today. 

past exhibitions

What We Hold: A Youth Audio Project

Apr 14, 2019–Mar 8, 2020

Featuring over fifty individual audio works created by teens, reflecting on stories of migration, language, passion, persistence, tradition, bridging distance, and love.