Plan your visit to The CJM!

How much do rentals cost?

Rental fees vary depending on the group size and spaces used. Please contact us at to inquire about rates for your special event.

Where can guests park?

There are several parking garages near The Museum, the closest being the Jessie Square garage located below the plaza in front of The Museum’s main entrance.

How can I see the spaces that are available for rent?

Contact at to schedule a site visit.

How can I check availability or place a hold on a potential date?

Please call the facility rental manager to check date availability. If a date is open, you may place your name to hold the date. You will be required to give your full name and contact info, the spaces you would like to rent, and the approximate number of guests.

What if my hold is challenged by another party?

If a challenge is executed on your hold we will provide notice via phone and email. You will have two business days to either book the date by providing your non-refundable deposit and client contact form or forfeit your hold.

What is the earliest start time for a wedding at the CJM?

The CJM does not have a set start time for weddings in any rental spaces with the exception of the Koret-Taube Grand Lobby, which is available for set-up beginning at 5pm.

How early can my caterer, florist, or other vendor access the museum for set-up?

Vendors can begin loading into The Museum between 8am and 11am and again at 5pm into all event spaces, except the Koret-Taube Grand Lobby, which can begin at 5pm once the museum has been cleared, closed and secured. You can rent Goldman Hall to be closed to the public and utilized as a private set up area for your event. Set up in all other event spaces can continue throughout the day while The Museum is open to the public.

What is the latest time end time for weddings?

The event must conclude and all guests must leave The Museum by 12am. Vendors will have an additional two hours after your guests leave for load out.

You may extend your event past the contract time for an additional per hour fee. The latest end time extension is 1am. All guests must be off premises by the contracted event end time.

What is the policy for delivery of décor and supplies?

The Museum does not accept any deliveries or shipments. All party décor must be brought onsite by your vendors.

What is the policy for using outside caterers at The CJM?

Clients must select from The CJM’s approved list of caterers, all of whom have extensive knowledge of The Museum’s requirements for events. 

Are there any restrictions with regard to decoration, music, and entertainment at The CJM?

Our comprehensive policies and procedures will be included with your contract.

Does The Museum provide any event supplies, tables, chairs, food, beverages, or decor?

No, The Museum does not provide any equipment or supplies for events. All tables, chairs, decor, flowers, food, and beverages must be secured directly by the client. Please see our list of approved caterers and preferred vendors.

What is the difference between an approved and preferred list of vendors?

Our approved list includes all vendors that are permitted to work at The Museum. The preferred list is a selection of recommended vendors, based on our previous experience with their high quality of service. You are not required to make your selection from the preferred list.

Do you have a food and beverage minimum?

No, The CJM does not have a food and beverage minimum.

Does the rental fee include food, beverage, or staff?

The rental fee includes, at minimum, custodial services, a museum representative, and security. No food, beverage, or other service staff is included in rental fees.